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Dead Man's Chess

What is Dead Man's Chess?

Dead Man’s Chess is a 2-4 player game using chess-like moves to pit unique factions in combat against each other. Each unique faction comes with their own specialized power, spells, and deck of upgrades, making every opponent different, and worthy of their own strategy. Stand alone against 1-3 forces, or team up with a partner to take on a set of foes. Throw out any pre-conceptions you know about classic Chess, because new moves, accelerated gameplay, and the ability to defend against incoming attacks on each and every combat sets Dead Man's Chess far apart from its predecessor. Strategy is not enough; Luck is not enough… you will need both to win!

Dead Man's Chess, from nationally renowned Game Designers Virgilio 'V' San Andres and John Brannan, is currently in early Beta Testing, and artwork is under way to bring this amazing title to life! Please sign up for our mailing list here if you would like to receive updates as they come!


06-17-2021 - SpyGlass Games is pleased to announce the production of 2 brand new titles: Dead Man's Chess and PHANTOMS of Manhattan! Both games are in advanced testing at the moment, and artwork is already underway for these titles. Head over to our contacts page to sign up for the mailing list and get updates on the progress of these amazing titles!