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Hunting Sasquatch

What is Hunting Sasquatch?

Hunting Sasquatch is a competitive dice game for 2-5 players. In Hunting Sasquatch, players take on the role of various hunters such as Goth Girls, Fraternity Boys, Canadian Mounties, or a Nuclear Family to track the elusive Sasquatch all over North America. The hunt is rough, as no one has ever spotted Sasquatch before, but if the Hunters are successful at exploring a location, they will be one step closer!

Of course, Sasquatch isn't the only legend out there, and as you hunt for Sasquatch others such as el Chupacabra, the Mothman, Aliens, or the Jersey Devil may thwart your progress, or even bring your hunt to an untimely end! Use your Hunters to your advantage, don't be afraid to loose one or two along the way, and surely you will be the first to find Sasquatch... or will you?!

Designed for a fast-paced gameplay and replayability that will have you wanting to play over and over, Hunting Sasquatch is a quick, easy to learn, party game that you can play with you family or friends. The luck of the dice offers up a great randomizer element, but the Hunters' abilities will serve those who dislike dice games best, and offer an element of control. However, the light and humorous feel Hunting Sasquatch provides will bring together everyone for a great time!

Hunting Sasquatch's Rulebook

Please take a look at Hunting Sasquatch's rules, downloadable here: View Hunting Sasquatch's Rulebook

Amazing Artwork!

Hunting Sasquatch, at its core, is a game that will enspire humor and joy through its crazy theme, so it is important to bring that craziness to life with a large assist from Ignacio, our Artistic Lead. So much of a game relies on the amazing artwork, and Ignacio captures every crazy, creepy, and every down-right WEIRD moment, so that the game truely comes to life as you play! We always strive to bring forth quality artwork, and Hunting Sasquatch is no exception.

Prototypes and Reviews

Hunting Sasquatch, the game, has proven less elusive than Sasquatch himself, as sightings are going to begin to appear all over the internet! That's right, prototypes have been created and are currently circulating. We expect to begin seeing Reviews all over the internet, and we will, of course, gather them together here for ease of viewing. Stay tuned, as these reviewers are already slated to check out Hunting Sasquatch:

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