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SpyGlass Games has upgraded our store based on user feedback to better serve our customers!

We have chosen to use a third pary checkout system to offer enhansed functionality such as combined shipping, and produch searches, as we expand our library. has offered all of these capabilities, and so much more. Currently the system only accepts PayPal payments, but we are looking into expanding this as well. Thank you, and please follow the link to proceed to the store.


04-04-2020 - SpyGlass Games has upgraded the Store! Please check out the new store, and thank you to all the feedback that helped us pinpoint what to change!

03-07-2020 - VENOM Assault and it's expansion, VENOM Assault: Villians and Valor have both been released! Kickstarter backers, pre-orders, and initial shipments have been sent out and are on their way to the lucky owners. VENOM Assault's second print run and expansion can now be purched at our Store. If you have encountered any issues with you copy of VENOM Assault, please Contact Us.