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Kickstarter Steel Level Reward!

Steel Level

For the ultimate Freedom Squadron experience, Steel Level not only gets you a copy of the game, but puts you in the battle itself, literally! Every backer at this level will be able to work with the design crew at SpyGlass Games, Evil Beagle Games, and a talented artist to design a card as a member of Freedom Squadron! This opportunity allows you to make a unique card that will work with VENOM Assault, the board game, and Freedom Squadron the RPG. Our design crews will work with you every step of the way to build you into the lore of the world.

Please note: The Steel Level is limited quantity, and while we can only offer 10 of these unique levels to begin, if overwhelming demand allows, we may add additional opportunities, based on Evil Beagle Games' discretion.
Some basic design rules apply to this level, as described here:

  • Correspondence with the design crew at SpyGlass Games and Evil Beagle Games is a must. As you work with our teams, we will discuss character theme, special abilities, story, and design characteristics, truly placing you at the heart of the design process. Though the majority of the decision process will defer to you, our skilled design crew will have final say, to make sure that your character fits within the balance of the game.

  • Age appropriateness will be a factor of character design. Character themes that are offensive or inappropriate will not be allowed for consideration. There is a lot of fun to be had by having your very own card, and we would not want to see that joy take away from the overall experience for any players!

  • These cards and characters are not pre-fabricated, whether in statistics, imagery, or theme, so there will be much to discuss. Because of this, we have set a deadline of June 20th, 2018 for finalization of card statistics, with photos for the artist turned in. Any backer that is unable to communicate with us within that timeframe will still be sent all items from the backer lever of Freedom Squadron, but we do not wish to delay the production of the game for all backers due to unreliable communication.

  • Each unique card will be a Freedom Squadron member.

  • Finally, the picture! As a final masterpiece, a talented artist will illustrate a picture of yourself or of someone you choose to grace the card and be placed in the Friends/Foes Manual, posed as you would like, and starring in the action of your choice. Whoever the picture will be modeled after, SpyGlass and Evil Beagle Games will require a waiver of likeness to be signed by that individual, so please keep in mind that you will have to provide this document. Once a model is chosen, the artist will need a few "reference photos" that will allow him to best illustrate. These photos are standard angles of the model that will give him an idea of how to best illustrate. For our cosplayers, you may absolutely adorn the costume of your choice, but please be mindful of current copyrights on certain characters, as we cannot infringe on their likenesses. Multiple sketches will be provided to hash out the desired picture, as well as an inking, and a final, hi-res colored digital copy, so you can not only marvel at the piece, but print a copy for your wall as well!

If there are any questions at all about this unique and amazing Backer Level, please do not hesitate to contact SpyGlass Games with your inquiry! We are always here to help!

Due to the nature of KickStarter Funding allotment, SpyGlass Games does not accept requests for refunds or funding transference.


03-04-18 - Our tireless efforts have brought forth a new and exciting game; Freedom Squadron! This RPG setting for the Savage Worlds system has been masterminded by the folks at Evil Beagle Games, who have been working non stop in conjunction with us to bring the world creader for VENOM Assault to life. This amazing project will be KickStarting 10 MAR 2018. Don't miss out!