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VENOM Assault

Kickstarter News

VENOM Assault has funded on KickStarter! The long road to completion is over, and the amazing efforts from over 400 backers has pushed the Kickstarter campaign into success! We wish to thank everyone who supported VENOM Assault, and copies are available in the store!

Winner of Cloak and Meeple's "Seal of Excellence"! Check out Cloak and Meeple's reason behind the honoring of this prestigious award on their website!

What is VENOM Assault?

VENOM Assault is a cooperative game for 1-5 players. In VENOM Assault, players are tasked by the United Nations to thwart a global terrorist group on the edge of taking over the world, known only as VENOM. After discovering VENOM's evil plan, the U.N. has called for the most elite soldiers of the world to gather together, work as a squadron, and stop their evil plans. As the U.N.'s greatest tacticians, players assemble their squadrons from the soldiers and vehicles that arrive from around the world in order to strengthen their forces!

Players must be careful, as VENOM has already assembled their forces against the world. There is no time to waste, and your squadrons must act quickly and decisively in order to gain the upper hand. The members of Freedom Squadron will have to take on many strategically placed villains if they hope to have a chance to stop evil in its tracks!

Any plot VENOM is pursuing will surely require Freedom Squadron to overthrow VENOM's Leaders, working their way towards the core of VENOM's plans. While VENOM may advance their plans, remember that you have the world's elite soldiers at your back, and it isn't over until the final battle is carried out.

VENOM Assault's Rulebook

Please take a look at VENOM Assault's rules, downloadable here: View VENOM Assault's Rulebook

You can also find Errata and FAQs here: View VENOM Assault's FAQ

Amazing Artwork!

Here at SpyGlass, we strive to bring the highest quality we can possible manufacture to each and every gmae we manufacture. In keeping with this, we have found the amazing work of Phil Cho to be perfect for the feel and theme of VENOM Assault. His artwork, which can be seen all over our page here, has impressed us over and over, and I have no doubt in my mind that it will impress you too! Phil is slated to be the main artist for VENOM Assault, and what you see here is just the surface of what will be to come once we complete our KiscStarter campaign. For more work from this artist, please check out his site at


04-08-19 - VENOM Assault's expansion, Villains and Valor is upon us, and the Kickstarter will go live at 10 AM MST on April 9th, 2019! This expansion brings to life a culmination of years of growth from VENOM Assault and the RPG, Freedom Squadron. Now, the Carnage Corps and the Terrornauts are ready to take the world by storm! Check us out here.