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Dead Man's Chess

Dead Man's Chess is a drastic change to the original iconic rules for Chess. In Dead Man's Chess, 2-4 players can battle individually, or as teams, to conquer their opponents. Magic, specialty powers unique to your faction, and the ability to defend against incoming attacks are only a few of the powerful mechanics that augment the classic title into something completely different and exciting; Dead Man's Chess! Dead Man's Chess is in early Beta, and we will keep you posted on progress!

PHANTOMS of Manhattan

PHANTOMS of Manhattan takes you back to 1929 in lower Manhattan, where Julian Tyler has established the PHANTOMS, an organization that fights against paranormal and supernatural threats! Through the use of cutting-edge technology and experimental science, the PHANTOMS are well equipped to deal with spirits, demons, mythical beings, and an endless host of other creatures that would drive a normal person mad. Will they be able to put an end to the sinister threat that looms behind the supernatural activity, or will time run out on the world? PHANTOMS of Manhattan is in early Beta, and we will keep you posted on progress!

VENOM Assault: Villains and Valor

VENOM Assault's expansion, Villains and Valor, brings all new dynamics to the base game, taking the fight to a new level! Villains and Valor is available now around the world through Click here for more information!

VENOM Assault

After selling through VENOM Assault's initial print run, VENOM Assault is back in a second edition! We wish to thank everyone who supported VENOM Assault, VENOM Assault: Villains and Valor, and SpyGlass Games. If you are looking for your very own copy, check out our Store, or if you want to know more about VENOM Assault, visit the game page. We always love to hear our gamers' feedback about VENOM Assault!

About SpyGlass Games

SpyGlass is completely dedicated to making sure that every game designed is what gamers are looking for. To accomplish this, we start from the foundation up with input from the community. Watch our Board Game Geek page for frequent polls so that you can offer up some insight into our process. Crowd-sourced input allows us to produce games of the highest quality for you, the gamer. Our artists produce beautiful, professional artwork for each game we create. Of course, we are dedicated to the gamers every step of the way, which is why we go through Kickstarter for crowd-funding. Our loyalty resides with you, the gamer, and the entire gaming community. Life is a game, play happy!


08-18-2021 - Dead Man's Chess is progressing at a wildfire's pace, and Beta testing at conventions has begun to take place! If you have the opertunity to see V, the game designer, at a con, please reach out to him! More amazing artwork is flowing in each and every day, and we will be sharing this with our newsletter, so sign up on the contacts page to get the latest. As well, some issues with the website should now be resolved.

06-17-2021 - SpyGlass Games is pleased to announce the production of 2 brand new titles: Dead Man's Chess and PHANTOMS of Manhattan! Both games are in advanced testing at the moment, and artwork is already underway for these titles. Head over to our contacts page to sign up for the mailing list and get updates on the progress of these amazing titles!