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"Life is a Game, Play Happy!"

About SpyGlass Games

SpyGlass Games was created in 2014 with the goal of creating exciting board games that everyone can enjoy. We develop products with innovative playing mechanics and diverse themes, with our inspiration coming from our extensive experience as gamers, a vivid imagination, and our desire to share our ideas with the world. To stand out in the professional gaming market, SpyGlass Games relies on input from the gaming community during the design process to ensure we include the things that matter to our gamers. Our company culture is also very inclusive and we work hard to represent a diverse array of people in our games.

SpyGlass Games ensures that the games we produce are ones that people want to play. We accomplish this by using the crowd-funding site Kickstarter. In this way we engage in a partnership with the gaming community, so that every game is funded conforming to the high standards that we all demand. Every project is designed as completely as possible before our Kickstarters begin so that our backers can be sure that their investment will be treated responsibly, and so that our games are produced and delivered efficiently.

Our ultimate goal is to become a leader in the gaming industry while keeping our close ties to the gaming community. We supply quality and engaging products for all ages and foster an all-inclusive environment. Above all, we want to bring people together to have fun.

Get to know the design Team!

Jeff Arbough

President/ Lead Game Designer

- VENOM Assault: Villains and Valor

- PHANTOMS of Manhattan

Since before I can remember, I have always had an uninhibited drive for game creation. While I cannot accurately recall the first time I rode a bike, I vividly remember the first board I drew for a game on a sheet of scrap paper. So, it has been no surprise that, between board games and video games, my destiny has always been with game design. Straight out of High School, I sought out the (at the time) brand new field of Game Design specific Degrees, and earned my Bachelor’s Degree. Along the way, I have had the great fortune of meeting many other gamers who share my enthusiasm, and have seen many nights turn into morning before we finally called the evening. Finally, from one such night of gaming driven fervor, a myriad of games that designed themselves overflowed the conversation, and SpyGlass was born!

While the games are significantly more sophisticated than I used to create in my childhood, they still hold my passion as though I were returned to my youth, drawing random tiles from an emptied Wheat Thins box. Now my days are spent playing and GMing RPGs, avidly designing the next title for SpyGlass, and breaking open the latest and greatest titles of other designers. From one passionate gamer to another, I truly hope that you find SpyGlass’ games exciting and immersive, and I hope that you can share in my motto, “Life is a game, play happy”.

Michael Knight

Lead Game Designer

- VENOM Assault

- VENOM Assault: Villains and Valor

- PHANTOMS of Manhattan

My name is Michael Knight, and I am a native Coloradoan who has been an avid gamer for over 30 years. I cut my gaming teeth on the basics: Clue, Life, and Monopoly, moving on to video games and Role-Playing Games, which I still play religiously to this day. When I moved to Denver, I discovered a whole new world of board games, including Puerto Rico, my first Euro game. My passion and love of gaming has intensified over the years, and has contributed to my vast collection of over 200 games. I spend a great deal of my free time playing these games with friends, both new discoveries and classic favorites. It was during one of these game nights that I decided that creating games of my own would be the next step in my personal gaming evolution. So, taking my very fertile imagination and passion for gaming, I have teamed up with Spyglass to design and crowd-fund games. When I am not working my primary job or spending quality time at home with my Chihuahuas and friends, I am coming up with new ideas for games, or refining those games already in the design process.

Sina Hirsch

Game Designer/Editor

Hi! My name is Sina Hirsch, and I am excited to join the Spyglass Games Design Team. I became actively involved in gaming when I was 12 years old, playing solo RPGs in the backyard. That means I have been involved in gaming for over 30 years! Since then, I have surrounded myself with gamers who introduced me to everything from traditional board games to LARPing. I enjoy games that run the entire spectrum, from adventure and story-telling games to fast-paced dice and luck games. Of course, the classics still hold true for me as well, and I love playing a cut-throat game of Monopoly on a long winter’s night. As the mom of two very imaginative children, I am compelled to create fun and engaging games for both them and their friends, and they are already experts at role-playing, video gaming, and card games. With the support of my family and friends, I look forward to this new chapter in my life, and can’t wait to collaborate with the Spyglass Design Team in making awesome and amazing games!


01-03-2023 - SpyGlass Games has discovered a title, "Whelps to Wyrms", that, though funded, never made it into the hands of backers. We have within our power the ability to offer what we are calling a project revival, which will allow us to have a shot at finally bringing this remarkable title forward to both old and new backers alike. Please stay tuned for more information as we work towards redeeming this title and bringing it's joy to everyone who deserved to have it before, and new backers as well!