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Dead Man's Curse

News and Updates

Dead Man's Curse's Kickstarter has been postponed in order to bring the title in line with feedback that our fans have provided forward. Of note, the title has changed in order to alleviate confusion as to how Dead Man's Curse plays. The Kickstarter will come back much better, and we appreciate your patience as we listen to your feedback!

What is Dead Man's Curse?

Dead Man’s Curse is a 2-4 player game using common movement to pit unique factions in combat against each other. Each unique faction comes with their own specialized power, spells, and deck of upgrades, making every opponent different, and worthy of their own strategy. Stand alone against 1-3 forces, or team up with a partner to take on a set of foes. Strategy is not enough; Luck is not enough… you will need both to win!

Dead Man's Curse's Rulebook

Dead Man's Curse's Rulebook:
View Dead Man's Curse's Rulebook

Virgilio San Andres

Virgilio San Andres is father to a son and daughter, and husband to a loving and VERY understanding wife. He is a Special Education teacher, with middle and high school students, and is fortunate and grateful for all the above. Being an only child, Virgilio quickly became the best at solo-Monopoly and multiplayer - without cheating! Outside of basic family games, he was unaware of what was out there. In the summer of ‘79, Virgilio discovered Dungeons and Dragons, followed by the electronic board game, Dark Tower, in ‘81; these adventures changed his life. They opened a social doorway to Roleplaying with others, playing Atari video games, and being introduced to new board games. In the summer of ‘92, Virgilio was introduced to Talisman and never looked back. He delved into the world of board gaming, which transported him into the board game itself. Now, having a better grasp on the multitude of gaming genres, he felt that he could design his own.

In the summer of ‘93, Virgilio noticed there were a lot of games with rules that were extensive and confusing, and to that point he started to design cheat-sheets. He quickly realized his knack for converting long drawn-out rules into concise, bulleted formats that made games easier to understand, with quick references. By the summer of ‘94, he followed his dream of being a hobbyist in game design and created Dead Man’s Curse. Over the next 25+ years, fifty more game designs, and numerous gaming conventions, Dead’s Man Curse is ready to take you on an adventure!

John Brannan

John Brannan was born and grew up in Longview, TX. An Honors Student in high school, he graduated from Texas A&M University with a Bachelor’s Degree in Psychology. He moved to Colorado in 1998 and became friends with Virgilio when the two realized they had a shared love of gaming while working together at a Residential Treatment Center for juvenile offenders with mental health issues. The duo soon moved from playing games from their own collections to designing new games of their own as a hobby. For over two decades, John and Virgilio have been finding random inspiration, designing games based on that inspiration, and playing those game with friends and Denver area gaming conventions.

John has worked in a variety of fields over the years, from an art gallery in college, to different mental health facilities, to casino gaming, to telecom service and network maintenance. His broad experience often makes for unusual observations or insights when designing games, or just making conversation. He also makes a point of injecting humor (sometimes appropriate, other times not so much) into virtually everything he does, which has occasionally made for awkward moments of laughter at staff meetings and funerals, but more often results in laughter and good times.

Gaming has always been a big part of John’s life, from playing Uno, Chess, and other boardgames with friends and family as a child, to discovering Dungeons & Dragons and other roleplaying games in his teens, to branching out into tabletop miniature games and collectible card games after moving to Colorado. He strives to create games that balance strategy and chance and believes that simplicity and a high degree of variability in play make for the most re-playable and obsess-able games. Chess and Tetris are among his favorite examples of this philosophy. Any game you can play dozens or even hundreds of times without playing the same way twice or getting bored with it is a great game.

In addition to gaming and game design, John is also a fan of all things sci-fi, fantasy, and horror. He enjoys writing, painting, and the occasional mixed media art project. He likes to travel both domestically and internationally whenever possible. He has a respectable collection of swords ranging from the purely decorative to those he will grab in the event of a zombie apocalypse. He also loves caring for his pet guinea pigs and considers them to be an underappreciated and poorly understood pet. He looks forward to sharing this and other games with fellow gamers around the world.

HIIDRA Studios

Forming together the expansive factions that have sprung forth in Dead Man's Curse takes expert talent from amazing artists, and HIIDRA has not only stepped up to the challenge, but mastered the multiple designs with ease! Check out their amazing pieces that spawned the detailed 3D designs for each faction in the gallery above.

Chaz Kemp

An amazing local artist, Chaz Kemp is highly equipped to offer up multiple perfect and unique designs to distinguish each of our varied factions from one another. His detailed designs can be found throughout the title, as the main ties that pull everything together!


01-03-2023 - SpyGlass Games has discovered a title, "Whelps to Wyrms", that, though funded, never made it into the hands of backers. We have within our power the ability to offer what we are calling a project revival, which will allow us to have a shot at finally bringing this remarkable title forward to both old and new backers alike. Please stay tuned for more information as we work towards redeeming this title and bringing it's joy to everyone who deserved to have it before, and new backers as well!