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VENOM Assault

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VENOM Assault: Evolution is available now!
VENOM Assault: Evolution is available on, head to the store to check it out! This final expansion for VENOM Assault allows players to improve even their most basic units, but also dives deeper into the supernatural threats that VENOM has secretly cultivated.

What is VENOM Assault?

VENOM Assault is a cooperative game for 1-5 players. In VENOM Assault, players are tasked by the United Nations to thwart a global organization on the edge of taking over the world, known only as VENOM. After discovering VENOM's evil plan, the U.N. has called for the most elite soldiers of the world to gather together, work as a squadron, and stop their evil plans. As the U.N.'s greatest tacticians, players assemble their squadrons from the soldiers and vehicles that arrive from around the world in order to strengthen their forces!

Players must be careful, as VENOM has already assembled their forces against the world. There is no time to waste, and your squadrons must act quickly and decisively in order to gain the upper hand. The members of Freedom Squadron will have to take on many strategically placed villains if they hope to have a chance to stop evil in its tracks!

Any plot VENOM is pursuing will surely require Freedom Squadron to overthrow VENOM's Leaders, working their way towards the core of VENOM's plans. While VENOM may advance their plans, remember that you have the world's elite soldiers at your back, and it isn't over until the final battle is carried out.

What is VENOM Assault: Villains and Valor?

Villains and Valor is the Expansion to the base game VENOM Assault. In Villains and Valor, VENOM pushes back against the losses they have suffered at the hands for Freedom Squadron by teaming up with a chaotic group of mercenaries known as the Terrornauts. However, Freedom Squadron is not out of the game, because the members of Corporal Carnage's Carnage Corps have joined in, bringing essentials and teamwork the like of which VENOM has never seen! The stakes are raised on both sides, making every battle more intense and the outcome more important.

The addition of Teamwork abilities to Freedom Squadron allow you to actively help out your fellow teams on their turns. Meanwhile, VENOM's addition of the Terrornauts brings about new levels of difficulty for each combat, bringing in failed results, and bonuses to VENOM. New missions take advantage of each sides' abilities, and expand to all new levels.

What is VENOM Assault: Evolution?

Evolution is the last Expansion to the base game VENOM Assault. In Evolution, both Freedom Squadron and VENOM escalate the war between good and evil with ever-increasing threats! VENOM has delved deep into the occult, seeking out powerful new supernatural allies, both from biology and technology that are too strange to have been believed to be true. New VENOM Leaders and VENOM Support join the fray with blistering new abilities to combat Freedom Squadron's pesky advances. However, ever anticipating the battle to come, Freedom Squadron has branched out their standard training, specializing recruits and commandos in their ranks to be able to fight smarter, and combat VENOM's devious plans.

The addition of the Promotion Phase and Advanced Training Deck allows Freedom Squadron to strategically upgrade their Recruits and Commandos into specialized members of the team, in order to combat VENOM's new threats from their occult research. Lord and Lady Crimson and Baron Rage, among other new VENOM Leaders, step into the arena with their unique talents and Support soldiers. Can Freedom still triumph?

VENOM Assault's Rulebook

VENOM Assault's rulebook:
View VENOM Assault's Rulebook
Errata and FAQs:
VENOM Assault's FAQ

VENOM Assault: Villains and Valor's Rulebook

VENOM Assault: Villain and Valor's rulebook:
View VENOM Assault: Villain and Valor's Rulebook
Errata and FAQs:
View VENOM Assault: Villains and Valor's FAQ

VENOM Assault: Evolution's Rulebook

VENOM Assault: Evolution's rulebook:
View VENOM Assault: Evolution's Rulebook

Amazing Artwork!

Here at SpyGlass, we strive to bring the highest quality we can possibly acquire to each and every game we manufacture. In keeping with this, our artists Phil Cho, Roberto Garcia, Roger Bonet Martinez, Veronica Lopez, Alexandre Silve Dos Reis, Gregory Ottaviani, Paulo Rocardo Oliveira, Mooni Arts, and Court Gabeau have brought VENOM Assault and all of it's expansions to life. Please check out examples of their artwork in the art gallery.


01-03-2023 - SpyGlass Games has discovered a title, "Whelps to Wyrms", that, though funded, never made it into the hands of backers. We have within our power the ability to offer what we are calling a project revival, which will allow us to have a shot at finally bringing this remarkable title forward to both old and new backers alike. Please stay tuned for more information as we work towards redeeming this title and bringing it's joy to everyone who deserved to have it before, and new backers as well!